You gotta have a Big Dream baby cause dreamer's built this place”

— from You Better Run, Big Bus Dream

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Song of the Day at! My Private Ghetto, a song from the Big Bus Dream debut, has received "enthusiastic reviews" at Ghetto has been featured as song of day.

Big Bus Dream #1 in Europe! Why was a band from North Carolina ranked #1 by music fans in Europe in 2006 & 2007? Big Bus Dream topped the charts at, a popular European site, in both the Acoustic Pop and Psychedelic Rock genres.

For all of us who dream big dreams... We Still have a dream.

Imagine quirky Alternative Folk with a blast of Pop sensibility thrown in for good measure. If you need a face on it, a union between Dylan and Floyd. Maybe, Lou Reed strolling in the night, down a street with the Fab Four in tow. Sweet. Big Bus Dream is poignant music for grownups...sweet sorrow.

Big Bus Dream's debut CD was produced and recorded by Mike Shannon, Chick Tsikouras and Jamie Hoover (Spongetones, Smithereens Hootie and the Blowfish).

Some background: Back in 2000, Mike Shannon wrote, played and sang on 4th Ward’s first release. "The album of the day. Imaginative and well crafted", wrote Dominick Miserandino of Celebrity Cafe. Creative Loafing's Tim Davis referred to the group's tunes as being "original without trying to be trendy." Shortly after, Chick Tsikouras joined 4th Ward and co-wrote and recorded with Mike on their 2002 release “Wonderland”. 4th Ward played throughout the region - opening for Hootie and the Blowfish and Angie Aparo. ...and the dream goes on...