1. The Word

You believe it, you say it's true - then the word is you


The Word

Man in the moon
Spirit in the sky
Righteous in his name
Believing is the game
You’ve been born again
So, at the end
The gang will gather all renewed
Except for Ira, he’s a jew
He’s not like you
You believe it’s true
So, says you
The book says it
You say word for word it’s true
Then the word is you

Rebirth in his name
Righteous is the game
Indoctrinate, Subjugate
In his name legislate
Pick and choose the text
Written by the best
It talks to you
It gets you through
You say you believe it, it’s the truth
Then it’s true

Arrows fly, souls convert
Oppress, Shackles cut the flesh
Hang him high, Bullets fly
Isolate and dominate
Prayers for the sinners, tolerate
Dogma is the way
Blessings for each day
Those who missed the call
Surely, they will fall
Caring for me because it’s right
not for your afterlife
Morals, protect the weak
Ethics without fear of heat

You believe in angels
When you die upward you go
But no one has returned
Still, you say it’s so
Thanking the lord, for your success
the statues, trophies, he’s the best
you praise him in public, blessings, and prayers
You have been chosen
Others have been not
Like the luck of his draw, you’re not