4th Ward Record announces Mike Shannon's 1st solo effort, 

"My Dream My Fantasy" 

The release encompasses his 18 years as founder and primary writer with 4th Ward and Big Bus Dream. 

It blends both his acoustic roots, as well as a more powerful electric arrangement. Shannon's stories include subjects from drug addiction, Alzheimer's Disease, aging and gun violence. Says Shannon, "All of my time, heart and energy over the last 18 years has led to this new release...because, in the end that's really what it's been...my passion and my dream. Though often felt more like a fantasy" 

Produced by Shannon, along with Eddie Z, Jamie Hoover and Ray Henderson, "My Dream My Fantasy" includes new tunes, along with hand-picked prior tunes re-tracked and re-mastered. Shannon says, "They are now closer to how I initially heard them while writing and in the studio." 

My Dream My Fantasy" is available at CD Baby, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon and many other outlets.

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