Thanks to DJ Rankin at Deegco Productions for a terrific shoot & final edit.

Click on the below link...

Big Bus Dream spoke with Richard Fulco of Riff Raf about the songwriting approach to the new release, Big Dream Baby. This was part of Riff Raf's Songwriting 101 series.  Fun was had by all! Click on the link and climb aboard...

Recently, Exclusive Magazine Editor, Russell Trunk, interviewed me regarding our new release, Big Dream Baby. Along the way, additional Big Bus Dream topics were thrown into the mix. Just click on the link...

Click on the link for a review of Big Dream Baby currently running in Exclusive Magazine:


DJ Rankin, of Deegco Productions, has done a terrific job with the 1st round of edits on our upcoming C'mon & Run video. DJ's editing really strengthens the storyline. We're looking forward to getting the video up online later this month.

Until the video is up, do check out C'mon & Run (below link) & imagine your own storyline...

Thank you all for your feedback after last weekend's radio show. It is much appreciated. We had a good time playing Mary Has Spoken and doing the interview with Divakar.

The 1st round of edits are being done this weekend on the video for C'mon & Run. This will be my 1st time seeing the footage shot last month. So far, an interesting process!

We'll be over at Clear Channel's WEND (106.5 The End) studio this Saturday taping an in-studio acoustic performance and interview. Divakar will be hosting and spinning a few tracks off of the new release, Big Dream Baby. If in the listening area, tune in Sunday evening at 8:30 PM. You can also listen on-line @ At some point we'll also post an MP3 of the acoustic performance.

The Big Bus Dream name comes from a lyric of mine, from the track Really Tired; this track (an early incarnation of the current track Fried) is off of 4th Ward's 2000 debut release. Below is the origin of Big Bus Dream:

"Sometimes, not always, but sometimes it seems

 I'm a special tourist in your big bus dream

 But you're driving eyeless on this one-way street

 Can't you hear us coming in this very big machine"

Check it out. Big Bus Dream is the Featured News today on Mi2N:

Shooting for C'mon & Run is complete. We are now waiting on the rough cut...and looking forward to putting the final  up on the site for you. Until then, a few lyrics from C'mon & Run...

"You better have a thick coat baby, so when they stick you it doesn't hurt. You better have some quick moves darlin', know when to hit the dirt. You better have some big dreams baby, cause dreamers built this place. Never think your it and others are not...hatred has an ugly face"

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